How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants live in forested areas of the world. They make their nest in wood. Many people confuse carpenter ants with termites. Termites are insects that consume wood, whereas carpenter ants just build their nests in dead and damp wood. Carpenter ants often attack wooden structures and can cause a lot of costly damage.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants hollow their dead tree limbs, timbers, woods in homes, etc. to make their nest. They only chisel the wood and don’t eat it like termites. In a house, many objects and furniture are made of wood. Carpenter ants can infest anywhere. They usually make nests under the window, decks, porches, etc. They like to be in damp wood, but even softwood is comfortable. Let’s look at how to get rid of carpenter ants and control their population.


Spraying pesticides will not be of much value as you will kill only a fraction of the population. The major part of the ants would be sitting in the colony and you will be killing only the workers.

Treating the affected area

One should go for a treatment that targets the whole colony. First, locate the colony by seeing where the sawdust is coming from. Once you find the place, use a dust insecticide in the wood. Apply it directly into the cavity. Use a tube to do this and not the hands. Fill a bottle full of the dust insecticide and inject the dust by squeezing and releasing the bottle. However, it will be better if you call a professional pest controller.


Some insects and animals can be fooled with bait, but not all. The carpenter ant feeds on much different stuff and thus, bait might not be very successful.

Dust formulations- There are many dust formulations made for home use. Some of them are: Apicide, Deltadust, Drione. These are used by professionals and may not be given over the counter. These formulations control bees and ants, which get stuck in the wall. While using these, make sure it does not come into contact with humans or pets.
Liquid insecticides- These insecticides are smart and do not kill the infected insect immediately. Instead, it works like a virus and infects other colony members as well. But these are very strong and can only be used twice a year. It cannot be used anytime you feel like it, as it harms humans too. They are only to be used by licensed pesticide applicators.

• Always try to target the colony and apply the pesticide or dust.

• Sometimes, you might have to use the sprays on a monthly basis.

To prevent more infestation, trim all the branches of trees that surround your house so that the branches do not touch the house. Also, paint exposed wood furniture and replace already infested wood and furniture.

Awards For Wrongful Death – Personal Injury Law

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One of the most essential aspects of a personal injury lawsuit is figuring out who is to blame for the injury endured. In some cases, for example, more than one person may be accountable, while in other cases, a company or defective item may be to blame. To be able to acquire reasonable compensation a qualified personal injury lawyer will dig beneath the surface to ensure all responsible parties are held liable.

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How Can I Install Outdoor Wall Lights?

How Can I Install Outdoor Wall Lights?

Learn About Outdoor Wall Lighting Installation

Outdoor wall lights have a huge role in making a home look beautiful. It adds style and security to your home. Before you start thinking about installing outdoor lighting, ensure that you understand certain things, such as the different types and outdoor wall lighting styles available. If you have basic knowledge about installation, you can do it as a DIY project, and if not, it is better to get professionals’ help. The first and foremost thing is to understand the different types of outdoor wall lighting.
Here is a basic idea of the types available these days.landscape lighting

A light fixture that is attached to the wall is known as a sconce. It offers uniform illumination and thus makes the house look beautiful. The biggest question that comes to mind while selecting the outdoor lighting would be the right type of sconce. There are three types of sconce available these days, namely, solar, electric, or battery-powered.
· As the name suggests, the solar sconce is environment-friendly, easy to install, and helps you save money. You do not have to drill holes in your house to hang them; rather, you can hang them wherever you want. Most models have light sensors which turn on the lights automatically at sunset.
· Electronic Sconces are connected to the electrical system, and a light switch is needed to control them. If you want to have permanent outdoor lighting, then electric sconces will be a great option.
· Battery-Powered sconces will be the best option if you do not want to drill holes for exterior lighting or are not interested in using solar panels.

Different Styles Of Outdoor Lighting
If you are sure about the type of outdoor lighting you want to use, the next big decision would be the lighting style. It is better to consider the color of your house and your landscaping while choosing the lighting type. The commonly used outdoor wall lighting styles are-
· Hanging lanterns – This enhances all architectural styles’ beauty and comes in different styles and finishes.
· Pendant lights are classic, attractive, and stylish lights that can make a house more beautiful.
· Torch lights – These lights resemble many old-fashioned lights that you may have seen in castles. To get the complete torch effect, you can pair this lighting with flickering bulbs.
outdoor lighting san antonio
Installation Of Outdoor Wall Lighting
Once you are done selecting the outdoor wall lighting type and style, the next big step will be installing it. If you have selected solar or battery-powered sconces, then it is quite easy to set that up. It is always better to call for an electrician if you plan to install the electrical system’s outdoor lighting. Only a professional electrician can install the outdoor lighting in different ways and methods. If needed, the electrician can pull a new wire and connect them to the lighting. If there is already an outdoor lighting unit, the electrician will connect the new lighting to the existing lighting unit.
If you are replacing your old outdoor lighting, then the installation is quite easy. You need to shut down the circuit breaker, replace the lighting unit, and repeat the same steps to get the installation done. However, if you are not sure about installing, it is always better to call your local electrician.

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Pest Control – Ant Extermination

Who To Call For Ant Control?

Pests have always been around and they are a major concern for house owners and even facility managers. If you really want to get rid of these creatures then you need to address the root of the problem. Why do ants come into your house? There are many answers to this question. Ants are attracted to anything that is sweet. If you leave a small piece of cake out in the open it will soon be attacked by an army of ants. Spilling a sweet liquid and not mopping it up is like gifting these creatures an early Christmas present. Are there are any permanent methods of ant control? we have exterminators who can help you get rid of these insects.pest control - ant control

Ants are a common sight in any household. However, they become a hindrance when they start appearing everywhere! Sometimes they will crawl into food items and at other times you might even find them in your clothes! The only way you can eradicate them completely is by hiring the services of a pest control company.

For instance, carpenter ants are highly destructive and can infest your house without you even knowing they are there! They, slowly but surely, eat through walls and wood, leaving behind a trail that looks like sawdust. Sometimes the infestation can be so severe that a house owner has no option but to call up a reputed exterminating company for instance action.

We will send over an expert as soon as possible to take stock of the situation. The next step involves settling on the most effective method of removal. A good company will go deep into the problem and remove these ants from every little crack in your house!

Effective ant control can only be provided by an experienced pest control company. Our firm has over 35 years of experience in this field! While choosing an exterminator you should always keep the experience factor in mind.

Always go for the best when it comes to ant control. So what are you waiting for? Call us and get rid of those ants which are invading your living area.

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Dedicated Circuits: Home as a System

Dedicated Circuits: Home as a System

For the most part, people don’t consider the home as a system. This serves to be the root of the problem for most issues. It is precisely this reason that problems related to the electrical system of the home arise since most homeowners are not aware of the importance as well as the interdependence of this system. However, you needn’t worry since our company can help you out in this aspect. They will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home’s electrical system and let you know if there are any problems. What are you waiting for? Call our company right away.electrical repairs

What do you mean by a Dedicated Circuit?

In simpler words, the electricity that enters the home first goes through the fuse box or the circuit breaker box. Inside the fuse/circuit breaker box, you will find individual circuits. They feed various sections of the business or home. Each of these circuits is protected by either a fuse or a breaker. The outlets for small appliances need a 15 amp circuit. You will be able to find outlets that fall under the mid-range item such as toasters and hair dryers that consume about 20 amps. The heavy machines like clothes dryers take up 30-50 amps dedicated circuits. For safety purposes, certain heavy and medium-duty appliances need their own circuits which are also known as dedicated circuits.

Now, that you are aware of what a dedicated circuit is as well as its function, it would be a good idea to call our company and set up an appointment right away. In this way, you can operate the home or business safely.

Here is a list of appliances that require dedicated circuits:

Electric range
Wall oven
Electric dryer
Garbage disposal
Kitchen countertop
Space heater
Clothes washer
Water heater
Garage door opener
Blow dryer
Air conditioning unit
Central vacuum

Whenever you install any heavy-duty electrical appliance, it requires its own dedicated system along with an appropriate circuit breaker and size wire. The size of the circuit breaker and the wire would be dependent on whether the electrical appliance can take up either 120 or 240 volts.electrician

What will happen if you don’t get the right dedicated circuits?

If you fail to install the appropriate dedicated circuit, it is quite likely that the appliance will draw more current than it can actually handle. This, in turn, would cause the wiring to overheat and the insulation around the wire would meltdown. When the insulating barrier has broken down or melted, the current won’t be confined and it could ignite that could cause an electrical fire. However, the circuit breakers would sense the excess flow of the current and it will help stop the surge. In case you notice that the circuit breaker constantly trips then you should call our company right away.

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